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Portland comic book store Cosmic Monkey was a unique diamond in the rough whose low glow had limited reach beyond its brick and mortar. No website presence to speak of, a blurry identity, near­ zero social media. Word ­of­ mouth had worked well in its Hollywood District neighborhood but had left untouched the huge population of comic book lovers throughout the Portland metropolis. But this was not just a plain ol’ comic book store ­­ it was an entertainment hub for the entire family, with a couches ­and­ chairs reading room complete with children’s toys and games, themed events and parties and a steady parade of nationally ­prominent authors and illustrators for conversations and book signings. This indeed was its distinct “voice,” and we worked together to make it loud and clear: a totally revamped website, compelling new graphics/logo design, advertising sorties, focused posters and signage, event promotion, digital media photography and an outreach social media crusade, all of which I singly carried out (to my great enjoyment since I am myself a comic book nerd). Now the store is always bustling with customers, has added staff to meet the new demands, saw its Twitter account quickly blossom from 700 to more than 2000 followers (and growing) and enjoys a steady following of 500 Instagram users where nothing existed before. Its website now averages 12 new visits per day and its Facebook page is brimming with community involvement.

“Before Austin, we really didn’t have any online presence at all. We always knew how unique our Cosmic Monkey Comics was, but it's hard to show that to the world or even people on the street. Austin sat down with us and came up with ideas to do that and put them all into practice in a way that was wonderfully effective. He's also fun to work with."

-Andy Johnson

(co-owner and founder)

Cosmic Monkey Comics

5335 NE Sandy Blvd  Portland, OR 97213

(503) 517-9050



Working on a shoestring budget for an apparel ­industry start­up was both poetic and pragmatic. Anna K. Reid, herself an artist and designer, brought her talents to bear on a new line of jackets that were now in the post ­production phase, and she needed to begin building a presence for herself and her product. We looked at both her jacket designs and her personal style (a lover of fine art and an avid interest in both abstract and ultra­modern European and Japanese visual styles, intermingled with the robust flavors of the Pacific Northwest) and brought these into the genesis of a new website and logo. For instance, we incorporated visuals of her jacket in interesting ways on the website such as against retro Japanese comics but also through huge white transparent Futura font against orange background to give that Euro feel. We brainstormed creative ways of incorporating photography and existing print drawings into a web format using a variety of software applications and converting it successfully to the web. Since Anna’s budget was limited we found ways to produce both quality and economy by sharing project execution when applicable, and through NobleDrakeDesign strategic counseling on future programs to build audience awareness and excitement through various marketing vehicles such as social media.

“Austin brought to the table exactly what I needed ­­ valuable strategic counseling, technical know­how and a willingness to work with me to keep costs at a minimum. It has been a pleasure working with him on this very exciting project and look forward to doing more together in the future.”

Anna K. Reid 
(co-owner and founder)
(503) 935-6243

Stanzie Langtree is an accomplished athlete (including aerial acrobatics with sky ­high solo performances) a yoga ­instructor, a degreed health guru and now a chiropractor who had just earned her Doctorate and was ready to hang her shingle in Portland after relocating from Texas. When she came to NobleDrakeDesign she was ­­ image-wise a blank slate. Although she had a general idea about how she wanted to shape her practice she had not yet selected a location for her solo practice, had no website, logo or even business cards, and had not yet articulated a distinctive voice. This was, indeed, a comprehensive branding campaign. Working together, we developed a strategy aimed at bringing out her unique qualities: her non­traditional, more gentle “light touch” chiropractic technique, love of both nature and the modern urban environment, and energetic yet sensitive and compassionate approach to life. We wanted this harmonized into all aspects of her business: the architectural style, location and interior design of her studio, signage, messaging and, of course, through a strong internet presence. We scouted ­­ and found a great spot (a section of a well­-placed Victorian house), redesigned the entire interior from carpeting to wall colors and ornamentation, designed, printed and installed all of the interior and exterior signage, and built a logo and website from scratch. We also launched an outreach campaign through direct mail, printed large format signs for conventions and mobile chiropractic studios at festivals, and branded templates for the production and distribution of monthly newsletters and other communication vehicles. Within months, Stanzie had begun her professional life atop a solid foundation that truly conveyed who she is and what she can offer.

“It was a fantastic experience working with Austin to launch my business from the ground up. He was sensitive to my distinct needs, was instrumental in shaping our strategy, and executed it all professionally and within budget. I will always be thankful for Austin’s help at this pivotal point in my career.” 

 Stanzie Langtree
316 ne 19th ave portland or 97232
(503) 610-0690
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Sheila McCoy 
Owner, L'Mu Salon 
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