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design, branding and general love for what looks intriguing. minimalism, grunge, beauty, grotesque, art and fascination. 

preliminary thoughts on branding process, as case study

-started from scratch

-came in needing help with ideas, guidance and navigation

-small business dev versus private practice versus own company vs. working for others and what it means to set out on one's own, making it a fun process

-creating a new genre separate from others and more creative than standard chiro (eliminate competition by creating your own genre, like combining yoga with chiro and having brand show that)

-what it means to create a new genre through branding and design

-infusing personality of client into brand

-importance of dialogue and communication to develop both brand and brand/marketing stategies

-blending technology (web, tablets) with real life physical environments (interior and exterior signs/brand/logo/etc) and blending the two seemlessly (like using an ipad website homepage that when added to a shelf becomes a brand piece that addes to the environment, but is also a vital point to the functionality of the company, like using for intake for patients)

-how to visual stand out but also work with the environment the client chooses to start their biz


-clean designs and colors to invoke feelings and appeal to target audience

-leaving an impact

-strategy and positioning



....more to come, need to formulate my thoughts further into a more formal outline.