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design. for the masses!

design, branding and general love for what looks intriguing. minimalism, grunge, beauty, grotesque, art and fascination. 

Austin Noble Drake was born in California and moved to Virginia at the age of nine.

...moving across the country at a formative age made me embrace a world that was larger than myself. I have always been comfortable with adventure and developed a true romance for other cultures. This love would eventually lead me to study abroad for a term in Shanghai and then take me to work for a medium sized corporation in Japan following graduation from the University of Virginia.

Japan proved to be a formative experience for a person as visual as myself. I took every opportunity to study and build a bond with the country that really propelled branding as an art form. 

Design is a lifelong pursuit of mine. Under the Japanese ideal of "kaizen", or constant improvement, I dedicate myself to growing as a designer & artist throughout the course of my life.

Combining the clean minimalism of Asia with the grunge and grotesque I have grown fond of within music and science fiction is a brilliantly colorful process. I have become fascinated with the ability to create illustrative typography by hand and infuse as many interests, styles and life experiences as I can into a single piece.

I have called Portland, Oregon, (and anywhere my unusually large cat is) my home since 2010. 

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Download my resume here.