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design, branding and general love for what looks intriguing. minimalism, grunge, beauty, grotesque, art and fascination. 

ULUBoot social media content hi-lites

Caption/Copy hi-lite: "Designed for warmth with the sole of a mountain bike, the ULU Crow is your guide to getting you where you want to go in style. Made from 100% New Zealand shearling wool. Link in bio. #ULUlife#ULUfrontier #shearling #winterboot #crow "

Chinook Footwear Social Marketing hi-lites

Making the leap!

I am currently applying to full time positions in PR, social media and marketing communication (as well as marketing management/coordination) and thusly my portfolio updates will remain a bit more scarce. Apparently applying to full time gigs is a full time gig!

That said, I will still be maintaining several clients, such as Cosmic Monkey Comics, Frankenstein's Comicbook Swap and L'Mu Salon, so check them out for daily content! 

If curious, download my resume here.